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Social Media Influencer, brands want them, and bloggers and others want to be them. Let us look behind the scenes with an infographic highlighting, what is a Social Media Influencer?

Digital Marketing is not anymore like traditional marketing. In the era of digital transformation happening everywhere, marketers want a proof of their investment.

Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

But who are they? What do they do? How do they make money? And what makes someone a social media influencer?

An infographic published by influencer marketplace Izea answers those questions—and more. An influencer can be anyone, from a blogger to a celebrity, the infographic explains, but they must always have credibility and a niche. Influencers are generally compensated with money or samples.

One of the biggest questions which answer the infographic is, Who are they? In short:

Social Media icons with a great following and credibility within a certain niche. They could be –  YouTube Users, Bloggers, Celebrities, Industry Experts, Activists or Enthusiasts.

So and what are they exactly doing? Well, collaborate with businesses to create campaigns and increase brand awareness and drive sales by promoting a brand or product to their social audience.

Before you pay just anyone to promote your product, however, be sure the influencers you work with match your brand’s tone, style, and mission, the infographic explains.

For more on what social media influencer do and how they might be able to help your brand grow, check out the infographic, “What is a Social Media Influencer?”:

What is a Social Media Influencer Infographic

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