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Adobe Document Cloud

Adobe’s new Document Cloud and the reworking of its Acrobat products isn’t a terribly sexy story, but it’s one with something for everyone. From the new free Fill & Sign app, which should appeal to everyone still filling out paper forms, to enterprise verticals and print designers, these products still fill a variety of needs. With Adobe Document Cloud and Adobe Sign, the dream of a paperless office is getting closer.

What is Adobe Document Cloud? It is everything you need and more! Adobe Document Cloud offers – Document Sharing and Collaboration – E-signature and collaboration service – It is either bundled with Adobe Acrobat DC or stand-alone, It also comes with Adobe Sign, for requesting digital signatures and tracking the associated document.

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Keep your business moving on any device.

Powerful mobile apps in Adobe Document Cloud make it easy for customers to do business with you on the screens they use every day. And employees get the freedom and visibility they need to drive business faster across desktops and devices.

Get the Acrobat Reader DC mobile app:

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Document Cloud and Digital Signature

The Document Cloud combines a completely reimagined Acrobat (Pro, Standard and Reader, plus mobile apps) with the power of free digital signature solution Adobe Sign for the first time.

Using this set of tools, soon you’ll be able to create, edit, read, review, scan, sign, send, and track digital documents securely wherever you are — across desktops, mobile, and web.

Faster processes. Thanks to Adobe Sign.

Automate document processes and bring trusted digital signatures to Sales, HR, Procurement and beyond. Adobe Sign is the secure, hassle-free way to sign and manage documents — across devices, around the world.

And it can be up and running in minutes, in the systems you already use.


Diners Club UK cut signature times to 17 minutes and grew deal volume.

Diner Club Success Story Learn More ›

The world trusts Digital Signature by Adobe Sign.

Cloud-signing standards.

As the first global vendor to bring open, standards-based digital signing to mobile devices and the web, we make it easy to comply with the most demanding e-sign laws.

Adobe is holding a certification of the Telecommunications Regulation Authority (TRA) in the United Arab Emirates which certifies the usage of a legally approved certificate in their solution. 

Error-proof workflows.

Design business processes that everyone can follow, every time. Just drag and drop to create workflow templates that reduce mistakes and improve compliance.

A flexible 2-step approval workflow, or actual signing a legal piece of paper, or a more complex workflow can enable your organization’s productivity.

Adobe Sign allows you to achieve your digital transformation with a legal approved digital workflow solution.

Global compliance.

Adobe Sign makes it easy to comply wherever you do business with digital signatures that are legal, trusted and enforceable in countries around the world. 

Also in the Middle East, digital signature laws are in place to be used for legal document signing.

Extend your systems. Expand your capabilities.

Add Adobe Document Cloud solutions to your business systems. Get more value out of enterprise apps like

Nothing new for employees to learn. Nothing for IT to code. Just faster transactions, less risk and a higher return on your technology investments. Or add Adobe Document Cloud solutions to your existing applications or business processes using our robust APIs. See more to Adobe Sign integrations

Satisfy the need for speed.

Every time an employee slows to print a document or search through emails — business slows too. The fastest workflows are all digital, end to end. Bring them to every department, every process, with Adobe Sign.


Close deals faster on any device with fully automated proposal, quote, and contract processes.


Create digital workflows that automate common processes, freeing legal teams to focus on bigger issues.


Finish HR processes faster and give your employees the digital experiences they expect. 

Let us help you learn more about digital signature and the advantages they provide.

We partner with the best companies — so you can add Adobe Document Cloud solutions to the systems, processes, and applications your organization already uses. Whether you want to streamline document workflows or speed business with digital signatures, you can trust our partners to help you reach your goals.

From strategic analysis to overviews on our integrations, see how digital signature helps make you faster and more efficient and get closer to your dream of a paperless office.

Your digital transformation initiative will rose with a high ROI and savings across your whole organization.

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