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I receive the question on a daily base from marketing professionals or e-commerce managers. When can we call it a conversion, how is my conversation rate measured? Well, the answer is not easy because it depends on the set goals and KPI’s for your B2B Websites.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) refers to improving the likelihood that a user will complete a defined goal on your website—anything from buying a product, requesting a quote, or downloading a whitepaper.

As vital as CRO is, it’s often easier to focus more on driving traffic than conversions. Depending on your marketing goal or campaign it is not always enough to drive traffic and cross the fingers to hope your site visitor goes into action. But there are elements for B2B websites that can be optimized to convert those site visitors and this infographic by b2bmetric shows16 key elements that a lead-generating B2B website can implement to improve conversion rates and increase sales.


42% of 828 marketers say that a lack of quality data is their biggest barrier to lead generation. Ensure analytics and conversion tracking are installed as a minimum. Don’t forget, you can’t improve what you don’t measure.


It is not anymore a Google ranking factor. SSL (https) encrypts the link between your landing page and visitor’s browser and is quickly becoming an important element of all lead capturing websites. GlobalSign found that up to half of people check a site’s security certification before giving up personal details on B2B Websites.


40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Use a content delivery network (CDN) or compress images to ensure maximum speed.


H1s are one of the most potent UX elements that you have in your arsenal. One glance should give the reader everything they need to know about the pages’ content.


Over 90% of users who read the headline read the CTA (Call To Action) low conversion rates could be fixed by revisiting your boring CTA. Avoid using the word ‘Submit’ at all cost.


Third party validation is vital for users to trust websites. A strong client or ‘featured in’ credential bar can go a long way in helping users hit the ‘quote’ button. Remember, 828 buyers, love the ‘safe bet’ company.


Don’t overload sentences with information, especially in your opening paragraph. In fact, studies show users only need 14 words to understand the majority of what you are saying. So get cutting.


If you’re using videos on your website, great! Just make sure If you’re embedding from YouTube to remove ‘related videos’ at the end. You don’t want YOUR visitors watching other companies’ videos via your website.


90% of buying decisions are influenced by reviews. If you’ re lucky enough to have great testimonials, put them somewhere easily seen on your B2B Website.

10. ‘WHY’ NOT ‘WHAT’

The searcher already knows what solution they are looking for, so write benefit-centric content. H8R conducted a study of 1,400 828 customers and found the ‘solution-selling’ method much less effective than selling the ‘why’.


Good images increase readership. Random stock images do not. If your images are not conveying your value proposition, you should remove them, or add custom ones which do.


Typical 828 buyers consume 3-5 pieces of content before engaging a sales rep. Make sure your website has plenty of insightful content which aids your customers’ purchasing decision.


Resist having too many form fields. For every extra field, you risk losing the inbound. You can always collect the remaining info later.


44% of people say live chat with a real person Is the most important feature a website can offer in aiding conversions. Maybe it’s time your site got a virtual assistant or AI chatbot? For B2B Websites chatbots are booking.


Ensure social icons are located at the bottom of the page. Don’t let your readers divert to social before they’ve read what the page has to offer.


42% of researchers use a mobile device during their 828 purchasing process. If you want users to come back and convert, make sure your site works on mobile.

To see all 16 ways to optimize your B2B website for conversions, check out the infographic “16 Ways B2B Websites Can Optimize Conversion Rates [Infographic]”. Let us know if you feel this was useful and helped you to get more optimized to achieve into your B2B e-commerce conversation rate. Use our commenting section below to exchange with your peers.

16 Ways B2B Websites Can Optimize Conversion Rates [Infographic]
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Dieter Hovorka

CTO, Co-founder, Skillz Middle East

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